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3 Ways Car Wrapping Will Help Your Business
25 February 2015

3 Ways Car Wrapping Will Help Your Business

Spreading the word about your business around the Lafayette, IN area can be made easy and affordable with the help of car wrapping by Phantom Neon. Here are three ways that using vehicle wraps to help you advertise can be a major asset to your local business!

Car wrapping reaches a bigger pool of potential customers

When you have a vehicle wrap, wherever you or your employees go, your business goes with you. Whether you are driving routes or just cruising around the Lafayette, IN area, car wrapping can help boost your business and increase cash flow.

On the road, you have the potential to reach just about everyone. Radio and newspaper ads target a niche audience, but car wrapping provides your business information to everyone you happen to pass, often times for much less cost.

Not to mention, car wrapping even helps you to specifically target your local market, the group of people most likely to support your business.

Car wrapping makes sense financially

Vehicle wraps are cost-effective by nature. They do not have the same recurring cost as billboards, newspaper ads or radio ads, and they often last longer while simultaneously making your information readily available to everyone you meet!

Seemingly less important, vehicle wraps also protect your company’s vehicles from superficial damage. Car wrapping can save you money here and there by shielding your vehicles from small scratches, which can certainly add up. The best part: professional vehicle wrap removal does not harm the paint or body of your car at all!

Car wrapping grabs attention, but isn’t aggressive

Car wrapping puts your company’s logo, phone number, and brand out there for everyone you pass to see. Showing off your company information in this way is bright, fun, and a great way to grab the attention of those passing by. Vehicle wraps can make a consistently positive impact on your potential customers, unlike other methods of advertising.

For example, some days there is just nothing worse than hopping in the car, turning on the radio, and hearing nothing but commercials on your five favorite radio stations. Advertising your business with car wrapping simply doesn’t interrupt someone’s day in the way other ads do. Putting a hiccup in someone’s reading or listening can be frustrating for them, but seeing a colorful, branded car can brighten their day and gain their attention. 

Phantom Neon in Lafayette, IN can take care of all of the car wrapping, sign, and digital printing needs for your business. Learn more about all of the signs and graphics services we are ready to offer you!


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