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Where to Find Custom Signs in Lafayette, IN
26 September 2015

Where to Find Custom Signs in Lafayette, IN

There is nothing like the sensation of seeing your name lit up and shining bright. The only real question is, where can I find the best sign to shine my name? From neon signs to digital, Phantom Neon is the premier custom sign authority in Lafayette, IN. Let us help you design the perfect sign for your business. 

Why a Custom Sign

When it comes to choosing a custom sign, there are actually a surprising number of choices to make. A custom sign can take many different shapes, styles, and forms. Choosing the right one makes a difference too. Your sign may be a person’s first impression of your business. It has to be something that is not only memorable, but shows off your brand.

A custom sign is just as much a part of your brand as you are. Just as the Pepsi logo immediately brings thoughts to people’s minds, so can your sign – even if they haven’t used your business before! Give people something to remember, or catch their eye in the first place.

Types of Signs

The type of sign you choose can have a big impact on what it says about your brand and business. Many signs are simply that – a sign. Imagine the ones used outside of a restaurant that display a name and logo. This simple design is great at building brand awareness. Flaunt your name and logo while showing you are here to stay with a standard sign.

Digital signs, like those with moving text, are more commonly used by places that need to update their sign often. Gas stations use them to change gas prices to keep from having to do it by hand several times a day. Digital signage is bright and flashy, but can be more expensive to maintain.

Neon signs are a perfect fit for high traffic areas. Places like busy down town streets or boulevards need to be able to catch the eye of people passing by. Neon signs are simply unparalleled in their ability to catch people’s attention and get them interested in you.


Phantom Neon is the place to go for whatever type for sign you may need. We work with you from designing the sign to installing and maintaining it ourselves. We only use professional-grade materials while building your signs. Our maintenance team will keep your signs from being the one with a burnt out lightbulb down the road as well.

Where can you find custom signs in Lafayette, IN? At Phantom Neon, you can find the sign your business deserves. No matter what kind of custom sign you dream up, we can bring it to life.


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