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Accelerate Your Business: Car Wraps in Lafayette, IN
15 October 2015

Accelerate Your Business: Car Wraps in Lafayette, IN

You’re trying to turn left at a stoplight. Just minding your own business when – WOW! What was that? Another vehicle opposite you turned left. You catch a good look at their car. Their entire vehicle had a Lafayette, IN car wrap  on it from Phantom Neon Signs & Graphics. Well it sure caught your attention, didn’t it? Whether they were advertising a restaurant or diapers, they had your attention. Everyone was glancing to see what his or her business is. So, let’s talk about the advantages of getting your car wrapped at Phantom Neon Signs & Graphics and how we can help accelerate your business.


Your Lafayette, IN Car Wrap is a Mobile Advertisement

Maybe the vehicle that you want to wrap is your own personal vehicle and you want to promote your local business.  Where do you usually drive your car? You usually drive it locally, managing your business, getting groceries and parking it places where everyone can see it. You will reach a greater number of people with your advertising than if you were to get a billboard. We wrap large vehicles too! We can wrap one vehicle or an entire fleet. The more vehicles, the more advertising you’ll have out on the road!

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Reach Different Customers

Let’s say you have put a billboard on the north side of Lafayette on 52. For one, you aren’t reaching anyone on the south side of Lafayette unless they are driving around on the north side. Second, you are only reaching people that are going one direction on the highway. If you were to drive your vehicle around, you might reach people when you’re parked outside any number of places you visit in a day. You might reach people when you go to the bank, the mall or anywhere downtown Lafayette when you stop to grab some lunch. Your message will reach a lot more people who randomly and spontaneously see your car. Especially with our eye-catching graphics, your car will be the talk of the town.


Save Money!

When you advertise on a billboard, you pay monthly or yearly to have your advertisement served to the hundreds of thousands who will see it. Chances are that they might not even be paying attention to it when they are driving down the road. People will be forced to acknowledge you as another vehicle on the road they need to be aware of. In any case, when you get your car wrapped, there is only a one-time fee. Hundreds of thousands of different customers will see your advertising and you only pay once. You will save so much each year by just investing in a vehicle wrap instead of paying monthly for a billboard somewhere.


Now you know how you can reach more customers and save money by investing in a car wrap from Phantom Neon Signs & Graphics. Located in Crawfordsville, IN, Phantom Neon Signs & Graphics is committed to helping you promote your business. Not only can we do vehicle wraps, we also do exterior signs, digital printing, electronic message signs, and neon lighting.

To learn more about our vehicle wraps, follow the read on about our professional services.

If you’d like to see more of our work, please take a look at our custom signs and banners portfolio. 


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