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Why Get a Pole Sign in Lafayette, IN
05 January 2016

Why Get a Pole Sign in Lafayette, IN

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard towards opening your own business just to close the doors from a lack of customers.  A new business needs to market itself well in order to build awareness and get new customers in the door. A pole sign in Lafayette, IN can help prevent this from happening not only through brand awareness, but showing them where you are and that you are ready to help. Here are some of the benefits of pole signage and why you should consider a pole sign for your Lafayette, Indiana company.


Get Your Company Seen with a Pole Sign

One of the biggest benefits of getting a pole sign in Lafayette, IN is to have your business logo seen by as many people as possible. A pole sign high above the rest of the buildings along the horizon is one of the best ways to do just that. Like skyscrapers in large cities, pole signs catch people’s attention regardless of where it is placed.  Even when your business is closed for the evening, it will light up the sky and be seen by the public. Having that constant brand awareness allows your business to be seen at all times and show your customers you are here for them.  People who pass your business pole sign in Lafayette, IN are more likely to mention it to a friend if they are looking for your services. Having a pole sign is an excellent way to promote your brand with little to no effort, allowing your customers to constantly have you in mind. Companies that put up a large pole sign will outshine their competitors at night with a glow, and throughout the day to make their business stand out while customers are on the road.


Why a Pole Sign in Lafayette, IN is Perfect for You


According to iG Sign & Construction, signs attract about 50% of a startup’s new business. 50%! So why not include yourself in this statistic and get found with our pole signs? Large pole signs have historically increased business by almost 16% in other studies.  The majority of your customers are located within a five mile radius of your business. All you need to reach them is a pole sign that lets your potential customers know who you are, where you are, and what you can do for them.


Looking to take your business and signage to new heights in the Lafayette, IN area? Why not put your logo on a pole sign high above the rest of your competition! Contact Phantom Neon Signs and Graphics today to get a pole sign that fits your business’s needs.







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