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Brick by Brick:  Monument Signs in Lafayette, IN
17 February 2016

Brick by Brick: Monument Signs in Lafayette, IN


Despite the digital age, many customers say they are much more likely to approach a business with an attractive sign outside. A great way to support your business is by displaying monument signs in Lafayette, IN. Monument signs attract the attention of new and existing customers. So close to Purdue University, Lafayette is a prime location to utilize these signs, as new people pour into the city every day!


Benefits of Monument Signs


Cost Effectiveness

The greatest benefit of monument signs is the cost-effective marketing for your business. Every day, potential customers will drive, walk, or pass by your business, and an eye-catching sign can make a significant impact on your company’s image. Locals are likely to drive past your monument sign more than once per day, ensuring that your business is on their minds. This is much more cost-effective than spending hundreds per month on daily newspaper ads. A one-time expense equates to mere cents per customer in advertising!


Monument signs also play to the diverse culture in the Lafayette area. An attractive sign draws the attention of any passerby. Because most locals will pass the sign multiple times a day—which means they could potentially see it dozens of times per month—a monument sign can grant your business an impressive branding outlet. They don’t differentiate between age, race, gender, or profession; any person who passes by your sign will be targeted by this marketing strategy.



A custom-designed sign can give your business just the image it needs to attract customers. Much of marketing has moved to the digital realm, so it is easy to underestimate the effectiveness of a well-crafted monument sign. A sign that reflects any graphics associated with your business, such as online images or logos, will quickly draw the attention of your customers. If someone comes across your business online and suddenly stumbles across your professional sign in the real world, they are much more likely to remember your company. Consistency is important in the workplace, and branding in this fashion is a great way to step up your game.


Creative Outreach

A well-designed monument sign in Lafayette, IN can help you to stand out amongst the competition. We live in a world of fast-paced digital interaction, and having a professional sign in front of your business shows your customers that the business cares not only online, but in the real world. When was the last time you navigated to a new place without the help of a GPS mapping system? A monument sign identifies your business easily, easing the customers’ mind since they will be able to find you quickly.


Incorporating your logo into a monument sign is a way to show consumers who you are. You will be demonstrating to potential customers that your business is professional, and likely stable. Investing in a custom monument sign is an excellent way to show your creativity, professionalism, and permanence in the local market.


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